Where to Start

12 Steps to Healthier Living

Paleo Overview

Mark Sisson’s Definitive Guide
Nerd Heaven’s Introduction to Paleo
Robb Wolf’s FAQ
The Paleo Diet – FAQ
Paleo in a Nutshell (part 1) – Youtube video
Paleo in a Nutshell (part 2) – Youtube video
Paleo in a Nutshell (part 3) – Youtube video

Why we don’t eat grains

The Grain Manifesto – Whole 9
Why Grains are Unhealthy – Mark’s Daily Apple

Eating Meat


Mark Sisson’s Guide to Cholesterol
An In Depth Look at Cholesterol
Debunking the Myth – Dr Eades

People messing with your plan

How to Win Friends & Influence Paleo

Cooking Meat is Inconvenient



Paleo Recipies Collection (thanks Pixie!)
Everyday Paleo
The Paleo Diet: Recipes


Fish Oil Health Benefits – Mark’s Daily Apple
Fish Oil Calculator – Whole 9
Magnesium and Inflammation – Mike Eades
A Closer Look at Vitamin D – Eat. Move. Improve.
Sunshine Superman – Mike Eades

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