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Adrian Byrne

There are very few things in life that I can state as factual – CrossFit is good for you and if you do it, you will be happy. Fact.

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Rachel Murphy

I always look forward to going, whereas I used to have to drag myself to the gym.

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Devon Uderitz

It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or struggle to walk and chew gum, everyone is there encouraging you.

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Mart Othman

I am doing things that I never imagined I would do and things I thought I would never able to do.

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Niamh Lewis

...including the coaches who are incredibly dedicated to ensuring everyone learns proper technique...

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John Walshe

I can honestly say that the coaches and community have changed the way I live.

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Mark Lawlor

...where normal people do amazing things.

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Christina Olson

I never thought I’d be able to do a pull-up, and for my 40th birthday, I did 100 of them.

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Erin O’Shaughnessy

There is also a huge sense of camaraderie in a class, with fellow members encouraging you and helping to push you through your workouts.

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Peter Philips

Joining is the one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Andy Langford

CrossFit Athletes look fit and healthy which is definitely where I want to be.

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Aoife McAuliffe

I find myself always comparing other boxes to CFI and let me tell you CrossFit Ireland trumps them all!

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Adam Pearson

I spent years feeling guilty for hating the gym.

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Tony Ennis

...encouragement and a determination to strive for improvement are at the heart of everything.

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Sarah McCormick

...because there is always a friendly encouraging atmosphere.

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Andy Pedlow

...dismissed it as the workouts sounded too tough...

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Lorraine Morrison

It has made me more self-confident.

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Elizabeth O’Connor

I had never even seen a barbell in real life before my intro session.

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Shane Collins

At the beginning this gave my rather large Rugby jock ego a big kick in the you know wheres.

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Chelsea Pearson

What I appreciate most about our coaches is that they make it a priority to recognize our accomplishments and celebrate our progress.

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Glen McGahern truth I was extremely skeptical.

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Foti Katsikersis

I was: 120kg, a smoker and could barely do 1.5km in a brisk walk without being breathless.

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What our members like to say about us...

I spent years feeling guilty for hating the gym.

Adam Pearson

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